Review Assistance: Have You Read my Book?

Ok, I’m sure you already gotten sick of my singing the publication of my novel from the rooftops. I can only apologize and say that the good thing is, this is as good as it gets. I’m only going to get worse 🙂

 That being said, this post is a simple request to all of those wonderful people who bought and reviewed Highway to Hell when it was a self published novel. I would like to ask you all if you would be so kind as to repost your review on the new links for the novel?

 It is currently only on Smashwords, but in a few days it will be on Amazon also.

I don’t want you to feel pressurized into doing so, but it would help me a great deal if you would be generous enough to oblige.

Of course, new readers, can grab their copy at the end same time offer a review in due course.

Highway to Hell


2 thoughts on “Review Assistance: Have You Read my Book?

  1. Hi Alex. Unfortunately Smashwords wouldn’t allow me to post a review unless I bought your book from them, and I got it off Amazon previously. Sorry about that, but feel free to copy the review if it will allow you…

    A graphic and disturbing version of life after death

    A horrific and graphic horror story which truly shows us the gory side to death and decay from a human perspective. I liked the character introductions; they were personal and believable without being too detailed. The characters were a little culturally vague, in that I couldn’t easily understand whether they were British or American, but it wasn’t too much of a problem. The story was very deep and took a lot of concentration and effort to read and understand properly but it is worth it. I really liked Alex’s interpretation of angels, and he left the story on one hell of a cliff-hanger (pardon the pun!). I definitely want more, and recommend this book to any hardcore horror fan, or even those who enjoy a good rite of passage story. Here we have another brilliant author just waiting to be discovered by the big publishers, so that his talent may truly be shared.

  2. Pressure? Nah, coercing maybe, but no pressure. 🙂 I’ll gladly put my review back on amazon, goodreads, etc when it’s up. I tried to do it on smashwords but they wouldn’t let me.

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