My recent interview with Nick Wale to talk about me, my writing and well… me. I hope you enjoy it.

Novel Ideas

A note about Alex Laybourne:

Alex is a young guy who is going places. He’s prolific, talented and completely enveloped by the business. I have met many writers and interviewed many talented people, but Alex Laybourne struck me as a guy who really has some special aura– some special style. Read on and meet the horror prince…

Q) Great to meet you Alex! Let me ask you– What was the first book you ever read?

A) I can only remember the title, I was young, around four or five years old and it was a book called the George Borrow. It was ironic because the writer of the same name comes from my area of the UK and there was a hotel I had to travel past every day to get to school with the same name, too. If I remember rightly it was a pirate sort of story. I…

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