I Will Not Become a Mobile Phone

I was watching TV the other night with my wife, and the standard end of year Cabaret act was on. A very funny guy, who always cracks me up. Yet, at times, he makes some very serious, and good points. One of which was the inspiration for the title of the this post.

You only live once… we have one chance to make out mark in the world, and I for one am determined to make 2013 the year that this happens. It is a year for change, a time for growth. My determination levels are high, my abilities – I think at least – are there, and my mindset is now firmly turned away from time-wasting on fully focused on success… but which one is waiting for me, for there are two forms of success in the world; lasting and fleeting.

It may seem obvious, but sometimes it is these obvious points that are the first forgotten

I will not be a fleeting, one hit wonder, who fades away into obscurity, swallowed by the crowd and thrust into a writing purgatory, hunted down and buried by my fellow craftsmen who, in their own quest for success have lost their way completely and becomes ghouls of the written word.

(Too much?)

I didn’t think so either.

I want my name to climb the ladder and cement itself at the very top, but to do that, to achieve true success, you cannot ignore those around you. To do that, to become so focused on ourselves that we forget everything else will only lead to us being regarded as the aforementioned mobile phone. People will pick me us, read our work, and enjoy what we have to offer for a year or two, only to cast us aside the moment something new comes along. We create no lasting effect or lingering sense of continued, untapped potential.

I want to be remembered, to make an impression that will keep people buying and reading my work, well, forever. I am not saying that I will become a much revered figure of classic literature of the future. I write horror for crying out loud, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be remembered, or any of us for that matter. The long-lasting climb to the top is hard, it is not always fast, and is filled with pitfalls but ultimately, I believe that the hard work will pay off.

Once you reach this summit, not amount of mobile technology will be able to dislodge you. They will make mobile phones designed to accommodate you and your work. That is lasting success. To be spoken of, to be read and enjoyed forever.

Poe, Lovecraft, Stoker, Shelley and of course King are examples of horror names that have achieved lasting success, whose books will be remembered, and while there are others, these are the main ones that come to mind. It is not these individuals that I wish to emulate, but rather the likes of Crawford, Wellman and Merritt that I wish to avoid.

You only live once, yet some people never die.


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