Review: First Time Dead 3 – Zombies in all Shapes and Sizes


I grabbed my copy of First Time Dead 3 back in December when it was available for free. I know, I know, I’m cheap, but as I can’t afford the gas to get to work and the necessary groceries, I’m sure you can understand.

The collection is as the name and cover art would suggest, a collection of zombie tales. But, there is a twist. Or rather, the stories have twists. They are not the standard fare. We have slow zombies, fast zombies, intelligent zombies, zombie POV and even a zombie sex scene. There is even one story that doesn’t actually have a zombie in it. Merely the briefest mention of one.

I was looking for a nice collection of shorts to read in the evening, primarily while feeding the baby. This collection was perfect for that end, with one or two stories being the perfect length of an evening.

I will say that not all of the stories were my cup of tea, but that being said, they were well written. I especially liked the idea of Elvis fighting Zombies (Graceland), and also the story set in the future, inside a walled city (The Revenant), My favorite however was The Bittersweet Revenge of Coney Island’s Jack Blast Off.

In total there are 13 stories in the collection, and while I haven’t read the first two volumes of these stories, I am certain they will be of an equally high quality.

Obviously, you have to be a fan of the undead, if zombies, guts and stinking piles of walking flesh are not your thing you can better read something else.



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