What a wonderful interview, this author sounds like a real wonderful guy… I should know because he is me.

The BiaLog

Hello everyone! Who wants to get the week started off with a bang? That’s the spirit!

I’d like to welcome the up and coming author, Alex Laybourne. Thanks for stopping by the Bialog Alex. To start off, how about you tell us about where you’re from?

Alex: Thank you for having me, I was born and raised in the UK, a small town on the east coast. I lived and worked in or around the area until I was 22, working all manner of jobs from property insurance to debt collecting and for 3 years was a member of the police force as a Special Constable. In 2006 I moved to The Netherlands with my wife, who is Dutch. Now, 6 years and 4 children later I am still here. While I have no regrets about the move, it does pose for some interesting challenges with real life book…

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