Hell is one bumpy Highway

The BiaLog

Hell’s Highway is a Bumpy Ride
Alex Laybourne

When I sat down and finally started writing Highway to Hell, it was after several years and close to 100,000 words of false starts, discarded plans and screwed up theories. I knew the novel I wanted to write, but could not for the life of me get it on paper.

The thinking behind it originally was one man, being taken through the eighteen levels of Hell, a concept I borrowed from Buddhist mythology. Eighteen levels made me think of golf, with eighteen holes. One hole per chamber, one man, playing the round, guided through them all, each time learning about his mistakes, his life. This caused two problems. One, how to get him through the levels, what stopped him from getting stuck there, and two, by the time had had finished planning everything, I had a novel about a complete and utter…

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