We have all learned something from the master over the years.


1.  Don’t make a conscious effort to improve your vocabulary. One of the worst things you can do is dress up your words because you think you should use longer ones, shameful of your shorter words. Usually the first thing that pops up in your head is right.

2.  Elements of Style is a very useful book. Avoid the passive tense. With action verbs, the subject of the sentence is doing something. With the passive verb, something is being done to the subject of the sentence.

  • For example, passive tense:  The tree was chopped down by the ax.
  • Action tense:  The ax chopped down the tree.

3.  Adverbs are not your friends. Always include ‘s even if the last letter of a word is s. Easy books contain lots of short paragraphs including dialogue paragraphs and a lot of white space.

4.  In fiction, the paragraph is less structured…

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  1. I love Richard Bachman’s stories but I don’t really like Stephen King’s horror – probably because horror is not my thing. However On Writing is one book I re-read every so often, along with his novel ‘Dolores Claiborne’.

      1. Thanks for asking Alex and yes, we’re a very long way from the floods. Two states south in fact. For us the problem is still fire. I actually would love some of that rain to come down here! No such luck though. These summer extremes are starting to be a bit of a worry.

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