Jack Bunny Bam Bam; Eric S. Brown Reaches a new High


I have read a few of Eric S. Browns other pieces, and could not wait to get my hands on this story. The cover alone had me enthralled. A green rabbit hitman with a less than honorable past. What is there not to be excited about.

The book is a fantastic read that I just couldn’t put down. I enjoyed it so much that I read it twice… yes, twice, once after another, in the same day.

The action starts with the first word and continues until the very last, with the green bunny, Jack, dealing out death in all manner of ways as a means of introduction. The phrase shoot first ask questions later would surely appear on his family crest.

The story is set in a world that is not here, not the world we know at least. Real Storms have wiped out the stars and changed the shape of the world. The worst change was the introduction of the Weepers. Undead souls whose grief at their existence is so great, their tears will turn any living thing they touch into one of them; a Weeper.

Jack, through not means of his own willing finds himself on the front line of a war with the Weepers, while simultaneously fighting off backstabbing former employers, and a trifecta of crime lords all intent on using him to their advantage, while wanting him dead a the same time.

Despite his less than Saintly past, and his apparent eagerness to kill, there is something about Jack that will grab you and have you rooting for him every step of the way.

Eric S. Brown has one a remarkable job in creating an ass kicking tought as nails anti-hero out of a bunny rabbit. There is even some tongue in cheek humor when it comes to back room dealings and carrot exchanges.

This is one of the finest stories I have read in a long time, and I desperately hope that the author will pen more Jack adventures, whether in short form or in a longer tale, or as part of an interwoven storyline. Could you see Jack taking down Bigfoot and Zombies… I certainly can.

I know that in a review you are supposed to be fair and balanced, to mention the good and the bad, but sometimes, you come across something that has no bad. But ok, in the name of review fairness, there was one letter missing off a word in the middle somewhere. That’s it. This book is for lack of a more fitting description… Fantastic.



2 thoughts on “Jack Bunny Bam Bam; Eric S. Brown Reaches a new High

  1. It takes me a long time before I believe people when they recommend a book to me, after staying awake a few hours cause I could not put your book down, you moved up on my ‘listen-to-his-her-recommendation-anybody-that-can-write-like-that-must-know something list. Ill add it to my tbr.

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