Pondering the Profound

At the start of the year I was firing out post after post of what I thought were good articles, and the response to them was awesome. For the first two weeks of the year may daily average was more than doubled, tripled on some days, but then… slowly things trickled away.

Not just the visitors, but the posts too. I have three of four great posts sitting in draft, but I cannot find the time to sit down and write them. They will be longer posts, and have a lot of points to make. As such, I end up posting nothing.


Partly because I have been too focused on writing, well, not too focused, because that isn’t possible, but more focused on writing than on blogging. Yeah, that sounds better.

Secondly it is because I want this blog to mean something, and in that regard I find myself avoiding small and simple posts, as this one will no doubt turn into, in favor of the profound.

Not every post I make needs to be profound and leave people discussing it for … minutes… weeks after reading it.

At the same time I don’t want to just post about anything simply because I want to write something. Even as I am writing this I am wondering what side of the line this post falls… oh well, it is written now, no point in deleting it.

I could always open it up to you, my most loyal of readers. A poll to be precise about what I should write about. What topics would be preferred etc. Last year I had a lot of posts with just pictures and random things in it, and while they were rather successful, it was the fact that they succeeded that pissed me off the most, if you see where I am coming from.

So, a poll… I haven’t done one of these before, so let’s give it a try shall we.

7 thoughts on “Pondering the Profound

  1. I’ve only just found your blog but this little post was good to read by itself, so I’d like to see all sorts of posts from you in the future that really show off your stuff 🙂

  2. I totally understand where you’re coming from. On my site, the most-viewed post was a guest post, while the posts with the most views authored by me were comedy posts “written” by a sentient fake severed head.

    This is your online home, post what you want. Not all readers will like everything, but variety is interesting enough to keep people returning.

    1. Thanks Jason, it is pleasing in a strange way to see that I am not alone in this. One of my most popular posts last year was a picture of Garfield. Ok, maybe the tagging played a part and that fact that it was a “Don’t like Monday’s” themed post but still… it hurt a little. lol

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