Am I Really Already Retro – Birthdays and the Aging of the Next Generation

As we move through life, there are certain moments that hit us, which stop us in our tracks and make us think ‘Damn, I’m getting old.’

No such event accomplishes this better than a child’s birthday.

This past weekend, my oldest son turned 6. While I cannot believe that so much time has already gone by, but it was not this number that brought home my age, but rather one of the gifts he received.

His uncle bought him a collection of games for his new Xbox 360. ‘Retro Games’ I have gone through the list, and all of these games were made in or after 1991. It includes all of the Sonic the Hedgehog games, which my son loves to play.


Looking at them, I can remember when they were the height of graphics and the gameplay was fast and out of this world. Now, these piece of my youth are being repackaged and sold as freaking RETRO!! I’m 28, but that makes me feel old!

I don’t care about age, it is just a number after all, but seeing items of my youth labeled as retro still hurt a little.


On the other hand, the two of us had hours of fun running around the two-dimensional world chasing rings and leaping over robotic fish, lobsters and insects of all descriptions.

Out of it all, I think the thing that hurt the most was that half of the time… he beat me.


16 thoughts on “Am I Really Already Retro – Birthdays and the Aging of the Next Generation

  1. I’m right there with you. I am 29 with a 10 year old daughter, and until just recently I still referred to my parents and in-laws as “adults”. Then, with much chagrin, I was forced to admit that somewhere along the way I had unwillingly joined their ranks!!

  2. Man, I’m 37 and let me tell you, when your favorite music is played on the Oldies station on the radio that’s the ultimate reminder. On the plus side, at least we get to enjoy the games yet. πŸ™‚

      1. Definitely. When I saw some of them packaged as “Classic Sega” for PS2 I had to grab them. Between Sonic, Golden Axe, and Altered Beast it’s hard to get me to leave the console. lol

  3. Ha ha … fun getting older, isn’t it? As a kid, I was one of the first to have an original Atari system. When my kids were little, we played on the first Nintendo system (of course we had to upgrade to each new Nintendo system as it was released). Now it’s Xbox 360. Wow.

    I grew up in one of the coolest eras of music, the seventies. But now it’s oldies, or at best, called “classic” rock. Sheesh. Talk about feeling old πŸ™‚

  4. lmao – nothing beats those lightning fast reflexes! I started gaming to keep my daughter company and gaming is still one of the glues that binds us – almost 20 years later. πŸ˜€ Thank god I’m still good at strategy if nothing else!

  5. Ha ha, I loved Sonic! We had a Master System, remember those? Don’t worry Alex, I just turned 31 and got very upset this morning when I had to tick the second box on a form that asked which age category I fell into. No longer am I 18-30. I am getting old, aagghhh!!!

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