As a writer, my mind is always filled with thoughts and ideas, stories, characters and more. The urge to sit and write them all down, to explore each and every one it great. A pull even; a compulsion. To be kept from doing such is a strain. It aches in my bones when I am unable to write, or to read, to embed myself in the creative world.

I sit here, behind my desk, in an office space that never changes, faced with another day of work that will closely resemble the work I did yesterday. The white desk, the white walls, cheap, oily coffee and email from customers with questions or queries that I have answered for someone else already, in some way shape or form. I sit here and feel trapped. I am caged in, and my creative side is pounding at the walls, screaming to be set free. To be allowed to embrace this life we live and to do it on my own terms.


Now, I have a family; a wife and four wonderful children. I am the only one of us in paid employment. The financial side of life falls on my shoulders, and at this point in time, creativity will not pay the bills. So I enter this cage every day, stepping into the dark world of monotonous drudgery because I must. I must do what is needed to support my family, but my heart will never cave, it will never surrender to the demands of the corporate world. I will never be Mr. Company, for I am Alex, a writer… I am an artists, a creator. I am free in my mind, and will work every day to ensure that if not me, but my children will be able to live their lives free, doing what it is that they love.

Life has a habit of pushing us down, it makes us fight for what we want, tests us every step of the way. I certainly do not intend to let it win, and will fight to my last breath to succeed in doing what I do, and I hope that you will to.

When you wake up in the morning, and look in the mirror, see the success that yesterday brought, the silver lining. See the chances and opportunities in the day ahead. Whatever set backs life may throw at you, just open your arms, catch them and throw them back even harder.

Life may hit hard, but you are quicker on your feet, and if you keep on pushing, you will come through the other side stronger, better than ever and ready to grab what it is you have been fighting for with both hands.


Start every day by telling yourself you will succeed, and end it by thinking about each and every small success you have made. Life is not limited to one single moment of defining glory, but multiple small events, some so tiny you may not see them until you look back for them.

Don’t spend your life in a cage. If there is something you want, fight for it. Fight every day, and if you get knocked back a few steps, just dust yourself off, and come back with a new angle, and new power. Just keep fighting, because only you can set the limit on your abilities, nobody else.You and only you hold the key to the cage, so use it, and run free!


5 thoughts on “Caged!

  1. What a great pep talk Alex. Thank you, I rather needed it. I’ve hit the depressive stage where lack of sales equates to ‘No-one will ever read what I write’. My head tells me that everything takes time but my gut is dragging around on the floor.

    I feel better now. 🙂

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