Too weird to live. Too rare to die – Alex Laybourne Interviews Collette Von Tora

Collette von Tora is a star in the making. succesful model and budding movie star. It was my absolute pleasure to be able to sit down with this stunning English rose for a chat about her life, her passion and goals for the future. One thing is for sure, she has what it takes; the drive, the ability and the intelligence to climb right to the top.


Can I start by saying I am a big fan of your work, you really do take a great picture.

Thank you very much.

At what age did you decide that you wanted to become a model?

I tried initially getting into modeling, when I was 21. My first photo shoot was with a student friend of mine, who was studying photography. We had a good time, and came up with a few good poses. I sent the images off to various model agencies around that time, but this was before certain laws were in place, so I ended up being charged a considerable amount of money to join these, so-called agencies.

This put me off for a while, up until the age of 27, when I thought I would give things another go. I went to a professional photography studio, paid money to get some professional shots done, with a makeover and posing advice and used those images to make my start.

Was there a particular figure that inspired you to head down this career path?

I have to say, there have been a number of inspirational figures during my time, down this career path. My main inspiration was actually Dita Von Teese. I admired her for her attitude, her class and style and always found her stunning. She also inspired me to add the ‘Von’ to my name

It is a nice touch. One of those additions that adds something different without making it seem false.

How about now, who do you find influences you the most?

Oddly, Johnny Depp, I love his chameleon like approach to his work and how selective he is of projects that he gets involved with.

You have a very broad portfolio, and have a very wide range of talents, what is it about latex and fetish modeling that attracts you so?

Latex looks stunning, and you can do a lot of cool and interesting things with it. I love the feel of it, against my skin. I also love the type of imagery you can get with fetish work.

I simply find latex designs stunning to look at.

You are based in the UK, Lancaster to be precise; would you be willing to relocate for your career, to London for example?

Yes, that is very much my plan. I would love to move nearer London. It is something I have wanted to do for a number of years now. I am frequently asked if I will be moving to London at some point, and get a good number of work offers from the area. So yes, I do plan to move, as soon as I am able.

What about further afield, the States for example?

I have always wanted to move to Japan, I adore the culture and the attitude of the place. It has long since been something that I have wanted to do, but it would be a very long-term plan of mine.

I too have a fascination with Japanese culture;

You have done some movie work in the past correct?

This is correct. I have so far worked on two feature films, those being; Slasher House, which is released on DVD on the 6th of May and the sequel to Zombie Women of Satan.

Is this an avenue of your career that you would like to pursue more aggressively?

Indeed it is. I have always wanted to gain more acting work and have always longed for a career in movies.

Is that one of your 2013 goals?

Yes, now that I have my acting and modeling show reel together, the plan is to start submitting my work to casting agencies to gain more feature film work.

What movie or TV show character do you think you would be best suited to play?

I think a lot of people would agree something like Ripley from the Alien saga, or G I Jane. Although, I would be happy becoming a famous horror film monster, maybe like a cenobite.

Cenobites are awesome, aren’t they? I should have an interview coming up with Barbie Wilde, who played the female cenobite in Hellraiser II

What sort of movies would you like to make?

Horror movies. I love horror movies with a passion. I would also like to have a go at sci-fi, or fantasy movies. I am a bit of a geek.

Geeks are the best kind of people.

What about on the other side of the camera? Do you see yourself directing or running the photo shoots?

Yes, I have always had an interest in the other side of things. Obviously, I won’t be able to be a model forever, so along with getting more involved with acting, I would like to look more into photo shoots and directing and look at the other ways of creating the magic that people see.

You have done a lot of collaboration shoots in the past twelve months. Is this something you enjoy or do you prefer to model alone?

It really depends on the concept. Collaboration shoots are an excellent way of meeting new people, exchanging ideas, and it’s nice to share the end results with more people. Makes for good memories too. Working alone is also good fun, but it all depends on what the project is.

Who has been your favorite person to work with?

I adore working with TwistedPix, Bekah and Shaun, they are like family to me, we always have a really good laugh, we find it very easy to share ideas and we always produce excellent results.

Do you have a favorite shoot?

One of the shoots I really enjoyed, was the Care Bears shoot that I did with TwistedPix, Rubber Monkey Latex and a host of stunning models. It was a really good fun day all round and some excellent results were produced.

It was also good to see that all the proceeds from the sales of the calendar that was made from the shoot, went to the charity MIND.

Who would you most like to still work with; on both sides of the camera?

David LaChapelle, I adore his photography work, and of course, Johnny Depp… One can dream.

Let’s take a few moments and talk about C.V.T as a person. What does Collette like to do for fun?

I am a gamer girl, I like to play Xbox games, I play WoW and watch a lot of Anime and horror. I am also quite bookie, and enjoy reading a lot of horror and fantasy books. I enjoy country walks, socializing and good nights out, with excellent music.

What is your favorite way to let of steam after a bad day?

Usually, in a nice hot bath, I get my kigu on, fuss my cat Fizz and spend the night watching horror.

You mentioned earlier that you are a bookie. What is your favorite genre to read?

Horror, unsurprisingly. I also enjoy autobiographies, and sci-fi.

What was the last book you read, and how long did it take you to read?

Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill, and it took me a month.

Do you think you will ever write a book?

If I ever find the time, or get inspired to, then maybe… of course it would have to be a horror. Although, I think that my memoirs would also make for interesting reading.

You made a music video last year right?

I have made quite a few for quite a few bands. Are you asking about the music video I did for Mortad?

That’s the one. What was the name of the track?

The track was called Waste of my Rage.

Was the single released? How was it received?

Yes it was, and it was very well received on the whole. The band has gone on from strength to strength.

I will certainly check them out.

What was it like, the experience of working behind a ‘rolling’ camera rather than posing for photos?

It’s exciting, it is a totally different experience, you have to remain focused at all times that the camera is rolling, be more aware of how you stand, move and your facial expressions, and make sure that you remain in character. I do enjoy it,

You had to shave your head for the video, didn’t you?

I did.

Was that a tough decision for you to make? I know some people would freak out if they were asked to do something that drastic to their appearance.

It took me a while to consider the implications of this decision, and I did stress about it for a while, leading up to the day of the shoot. I was pacing back and forth on set for a while. But I am forever glad that I took the plunge.

Are you planning on growing it back or do you like it as it is.

For now, I am happy to say that I will be keeping it shaved. It looks good, carries across a good message to women, is very low maintenance and I like it. It’s very liberating.

You certainly pull it off as a look.

Thank you.

What is your big goal for 2013? What one event could happen at any time and leave you thinking ‘yeah, this year is THE year; the year of CVT?

More significant roles in film. If I can start making serious progress in acting work, I will be very happy.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions; it was a privilege talking to you.

collette2      Collette1

To find out more about Collette, check out her website at or follow her on Facebook


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