A Brutal Piece of Fiction – Alex Laybourne reviews Bubba Wants YOU by G.N. Braun


What can I say about this short story other than… WOW.

It is short, a few minutes reading, but what it coveys in such a few number of words is something that will have you paused for thought a good time after.

It is a hard and harsh story that pulls no punches and will have you feeling almost queasy at times.

The main character is a man you hate, you detest him from the opening paragraph, yet even then, at the end, you wince for him.

I guess if you are a person looking for metaphors and hidden meanings in your fiction then Bubba wants you to know that there is always a bigger fish in the pond.

A fantastic story that has me itching to read more by this author.

If you like your fiction to be fast paced and brutal then this is certainly the story for you.

You can read it for FREE at the the following address.  http://www.legumeman.com/free%20junk.html


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