Foreign Language Books and Translations

For the Independent (or self-published) author there is one thing that will continue to elude our grasp, and in some way hold us back from really challenging the Traditional ‘tribe’ for the number one spot.

Foreign languages and book translations.

Big name authors are published in multiple languages, it is part of the natural progression of things. If you can get books out there in multiple languages, you can develop an even larger fan base. It may come as a shock to many, but there are a lot of people out there who read books in languages other than English. I mean that statement with no disrespect. It was a concept that had eluded my own thoughts on many levels until just recently.

How many independent authors out there have taken steps to have their books published in another language?

Surely the process is simple right? To be honest I have no clue, I haven’t investigated it, but it would seem to me that you can upload a book in any language?

If not… why not?

I live in the Netherlands, I am surrounded by non-English speakers, and they read (drum-roll please) Dutch language books. Why should I not bring my sales to the home front and get my books translated (somehow) and publish them for my home market. Build a second brand and see if that can lead somewhere.

The world is small, just because people read in dutch, doesn’t mean the only communicate with Dutch people. More people talking about your books is more potential sales right?

Do you see any future for indie publishing and the world of foreign langauge prints? Is it worth the investment? I guess there are certain questions of the quality of the translation, etc. but if it is a language that you are familiar with, surely it is worth a go… right?


2 thoughts on “Foreign Language Books and Translations

  1. I’ve been thinking about that for a while now. The main issue with me is money. I’ve talked to various teachers about translating them and so far the cheapest price I’ve heard is $1000 per book. It’s tough to find people qualified enough to do it and be willing to do it on the cheap. I can’t blame them, just wish the lottery would kick in at some point to help out. lol

  2. I agree! We can do it for ourselves but we have to find the appropriate translators and channels through which to ensure our books get the best possible detail. It all comes down to the money! But hey, if you want them translating that badly, you will find a way…

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