Fast Paced Cryptid Action – Alex Laybourne Reviews Crypto-Squad by Eric S Brown and Jason Brannon

Crypto-Squad by Jason Brannon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was a fantastic read from the first to the last page. The action starts with the first word and continues through until the last, with the promise of much more to come.

Unlike many zombie stories, which do not really focus on where the undead came from, or what caused them to rise, Crypto-Squad is all about the cause. A cult have plans to raise the dead in order to resurrect an ancient serpent God.
The undead come thick and fast in this tale, which make it not only an action packed read, but one you could happily go through again and again. The description were fluid and filled with the right amount of horror gore to keep it visceral without reducing it to something lighthearted. The story is well paced and moves forward in time with all the necessary revelations.

If forests and cities will with the undead aren’t enough for you, if tens of thousands of them, aren’t enough for you, what about if we add, a chupacabra, numerous Bigfoot, Firebirds, Mongolian Death Worms, ancient flesh eating locusts, merefolk, and Mothman among many many other wonderfully dsecribed Crytipds taken from pretty much every main stream legend in America… including a guest appearance by a very Devilish creature in the latter stages.

I am so glad that I have part II to this great series already loaded (and half read) on my Kindle. I sincerely hope more will come. If you want to show people that reading is fun, then this is the book to use.


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