Who Wants to Live Forever?

This question itself is nothing new, and the answers that people give will probably also be nothing new, but it is something that has been bouncing around my mind for some time now.

Immortality… would you want it?

Of course, the question is not as simple as it may initially sound, there are a great many variable to be considered.

The main on in my mind is our physical state. Could we choose when we stop aging? In essence choose when we become immortal and thus freeze ourselves in the state. Would we still become sick but simply recover? What if we developed cancer? Would we beat it or just slowly waste away. What is we continued to age, becoming nothing more than a shrivelled cocoon for an active brain. It may make a nice character or idea of a story, but I wouldn’t want that.

Living forever would mean saying goodby to your loved ones, watching them grow and age. Your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, and maybe even your great-grandchildren, to keep the list to within the normal lifetime range. You will see them born and see them die, while you carry on being who you are. So would you also grant them immortal life?

You would also have to keep moving, you would never truly have a settled home, for surely after 50 years, people would question how you look so good. Sure, you could live as a recluse… ok, I would probably live as a recluse anyway, but this is not about me alone. Income would also be a question, I mean, ok you could argue that you wouldn’t need to eat, but a place to live costs money, bills cost money, you cannot just exist without paying something. At least in my mind.

Whatever way you look at it, there are a lot of things that point towards eternal life being a drag, a toll both physically and mentally, there is always one thing that shines through and blinds everything else….


eternity1When you have forever you will have the time to do… well everything.

There are so many places to see, experiences to be had. Adventures, spiritual journeys, awakenings, love, romance, even darkness. There are books to read… oh the books you could read and the tales you could tell. The knowledge you could gain. The sights, the sounds… I don’t know. Maybe I am falling for the romanticized version of things. The wonderful picture that we pain ourselves. Who knows… but the questions remains,

would you try it?

What if there was no going back? Once done the process could not be undone…

I don’t know.


8 thoughts on “Who Wants to Live Forever?

  1. Reblogged this on Totally Inspired Mind-Where Positive Minds Congregate and commented:
    Here is an interesting perspective from Alex Laybourne on the topic of living forever or immortality. What do you think about it? Would you like to live forever and if so why? Also, would you like to make the most of your life here and then carry on the natural course of things. I would rather take the second choice personally. There is a time for all things in the universe.
    Paulette Le Pore Motzko
    Totally Inspired Mind

  2. The idea sounds great but as those about you pass away, you’d quickly realize that everything is fleeting. I’m sure your mindset would become crotchety at first then numb then callous about those around you. The final step would be a pompous god-like attitude. Of course, you’d want the aging process to stop at no later than 40, probably earlier. “The Green Mile” really puts things into perspective on this subject. My MIL will be 101 in a few months; she is not a happy camper. Her husband passed in 1985 and now she is feeble and has re-associated many thoughts and memories, losing many memories in process. She doesn’t recognize her grandchildren and at times confuses her children with other relatives. As it has been stated in so many venues, it is not proper that one outlives their children.

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for leaving a comment. I agree that the aging side of immortality is a big issue. If we could stop in our mid thirties and our condition would not deteriorate, then that is something else. Once again, the time you would have to read, and write, and learn, is what holds the appeal to me, but yes, outliving your children is not right.

  3. I of course do not want to live forever, I know my SAVIOR is coming to take me to be with him in HEAVEN. Oh what a wonderful day that will be.

  4. Thorny question indeed. I’d like to live for longer than those three score years and ten, that’s for sure. But forever? I sort of think life without end would be the equivalent of a holiday without end. Boring. Some people might have the motivation to fulfil each and everyone of their passions but I suspect most people would put things off, forever. To fully enjoy life there has to be a contrast, and death is the ultimate contrast. 🙂

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