Why Zombies?

As I am sure many people will know, I am currently writing a good old-fashioned serial. One release every two weeks. The topic of this series… Zombies.

But why?

I admit that writing zombie fiction is a different direction to my normal writing, but at the end of the day, I flipped the question around on myself, and asked… Why Not.

As a horror writer, there is a very wide range of topics I can write about, but at the same time, I think at least, that all horror writers should write something along the main ‘classic’ themes

  • Frankenstein and his Monster,
  • Werewolves,
  • Vampires,

and now, that list includes Zombies.

I am not saying that this will be my only foray into the genre, but I am certainly planning on writing about as many different horror themes as I can.

Besides, after the Highway to Hell novels, the first two at least, and a third as of yet unreleased novel, I was in the mood for something fun, and what is more fun than having hoards of the undead roaming the streets, savagely ripping apart any living thing they come into contact with. Add to that the fact that I can get more titles written and out under my name in a short space of time and it is a win-win situation.

I would be remiss if I did not admit that I have been caught up a little in the zombie fever that has been going around. I do watch the Walking Dead, but it is not, as many people have assumed, the reason behind me wanting to write zombie fiction.

The inspiration came to be from two sources. one is the fabulous zombie series Zomblog written by the talented Todd Brown and the works of Armand Rosamilia, another talented writer, whose output and quality never cease to amaze me.

I have read a lot of their work and that of a few other zombie writers out there, and the genre just kind of spoke to me a little. I wanted to play around and see what the fuss was all about. I had started writing my zombie series before I began watching the Walking Dead.

I don’t know why I feel the need to justify my decision, or highlight so boldly that the show has not turned me into some dreamy-eyed fan-boy, but it seems that as soon as anybody asked what my serial is about, the first comparison they make to that show.

I can’t blame them, I guess, but to me there is a difference between writing something based on a show you enjoy, and writing something simply because you wanted to.

Anyway, that’s enough of me rambling. I am currently writing about zombies, later on in the  year, after I have finished the third Highway to Hell novel, I plan to have some real fun and write about Robin Hood vs. Mutants, so watch this space for that barrel load of fun.


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