What Would You Do?

The Dead have risen!!!


What would you do?

Your life as you knew it has changed, nothing is as it used to be. The rules of yesterday are no obsolete, and new way of life has dawned.

Your friends are dead, your family – those that don’t live with you – are dead… or worse still, have become part of the newest majority on the planet.

Your street is filled with the hungry growls of zombies, ambling around in search of food.

What do you do?

A few days go by, you survive no problem, but suddenly, the refrigerator starts to run low, the basic supplies you need are being used up and it looks as though you are on your own.. no cavalry is coming to the rescue.

What do you do?

Forced to leave your home behind, you venture out into the streets. Surrounded my the undead, you lose the first member of your party before you get more than half a mile. You see them, a dear friend (or loved one) ripped apart before your eyes. Their blood covers your face, and their screams echo in your head.

What do you do?


You are on your own now. It has been four days since you lost your last friend. You sat beside them until they turned. You couldn’t believe that it would happen, but it did. They tried to bite you and you were forced to kill them, smashing their skull with a metal bar your found lying on the ground. Their cries haunt your every move. You are tired, and hungry…

What do you do?

Time ticks on by, you meet others, make some new friends, and even more than a few lovers. You travel together, but ultimately, everybody dies. You become cold and numb to the world. Death is your way of life, you deal it out like a lawman of the old west. You put down friends the moment they so much as bleed from a wound you did not see inflicted by any means other than an undead hand. You pull away from the rest, and they do likewise. Everybody is on edge, your health is failing, the season are changing and as the winter arrives you find yourself in need of a regular place to rest.

No cam be found. You move every couple of days, before nowhere is safe for long. The days are dark and bleak, the night’s are long and the undead are overwhelming in their numbers.

What do you do?

You have formed a tight bond with a group of seven  other individuals. Together you have established yourselves in a small rural town. You have fortified your surroundings, and it has been three years since the dead first rose. You can hardly remember the old way of life. You are peaceful, everybody gets along. Self sufficiency is the order of the day, everybody works the fields, tends to the sick and help raise the children. Rarely do you venture out into the world, but when you do, the undead are still there, their lines thicker than ever. Their bodies rotted away to the bare minimum, yet the continue to crave warm meat. You make a ran for some supplies, checking out the local area on a wider and wider radius. You are now often gone for several days at a time the distance is so great. You ignore the undead that cause you not trouble. In a way, you have made peace with them.

You return home to find your town in uproar. A group of armed men and women attacked, they slaughtered anybody that stood in their way, women were raped and beaten in the streets. Crops were stolen, buildings burned to the ground.

Your numbers are depleted, your stock and supplied as good as eradicated. People turn to you for answers, and you comfort them as best you can. Returning home to escape their pleas and wounded eyes. You cry and scream yourself to sleep at night, wishing for the old days. You see your loved ones, and those that died every time you close your eyes. They whisper for you, offer you an escape.

What do you do?

The undead will win. It is clear that their numbers are too great. They kill with an unbridled ferocity, and despite their ever decreasing conditions, they have not become any less deadly. Disease strikes and people die at a fast rate. Infants are born malnourished, and die not long after. You hear rumors or larger cities, and have even taken in many people who have happened across your stronghold. They tell varying stories about dictators and other evil souled sorts.

The grass, it is decided, is not greener on the other side. You stay where you are, and as the years go by, things improve… a little. You kill the living and the undead with an equal level of cold calculation. Decisions of life and death made on in an instant.

One day you stand in your room and look at yourself in a grubby and cracked mirror. You hardly recognize the man you have become.
Deep down you know, you remember the way life used to be, your conscience screams at you… for you are no more a man than the creatures you slaughter in the name of survival.

What do you do?

When do you opt out? Are you weak for choosing that route, or merely being practical. When is the line the differentiates the two drawn?

I don’t know, I would like to think I would continue on, to fight for the right reasons, but what about you…


What would you do?


7 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. I have given this way more thought than perhaps a grown man should. I have locations staked out that would be my fall back locations…I could write a blog length post in response to all of this…instead, I think I will just say that I would give it a good run and go down swinging.

    1. I like that idea Todd, I would certainly rather go down swinging than cowering in the corner. Thanks for commenting, I appreciate you taking the time.

      Looking forward to starting Ava tonight.

  2. One of my family’s mottos is, “We don’t like to leave a good fight”, so I’d stick it out as long as I could until I’m either eaten or killed by other means.

    As weird as it may sound, I used to think about these things all the time. A few years ago I had a friend tell me he and his family would stay with me as I know a lot about survival. The funny thing is, he wasn’t offended when I told him no, there would be too many people to take care of that couldn’t contribute.

    Since I’m a natural loner with a practical/analytical mind and big heart, I’d probably be killed in the first couple of months for going against my previous decree and trying to help someone I shouldn’t. Me thinks I may have too much time on my hands. lol.

  3. First let me say that this post was really well written. It drew me in and I couldn’t stop reading. OK, so, having lived with no power for almost 3 weeks after Hurricane Sandy, ‘survival’ means a lot more than fighting off zombies. I think that even if we got really good at defending against zombies, most of us would perish due to unforseen causes; a wound or a broken bone that gets infected, an insect bite that spreads a disease. With no new antibiodics being made, pharmacy shelves would be empty in a few months. I do believe that I would never have to make the choice, fate would make the choice for me.

    1. Thanks, I am glad that you enjoyed it. I had no idea what I was writing when I started it. The initial idea was something very different. I am happy with how it comes out though. 🙂 You make some very good points too.

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