Stranger Passing – A Sneak Peek Inside the New Novella from C.P Bialois

As promised yesterday, here is a sneak peek at the new novella from Cp Bialois. I am sure you are all going to love it, so watch this space, and the links below for more information about the Novella, and Cp’s other works.


He never broke stride through the muddied road as he made his way to the gate and roused the grumpy old man from his alcove once more. At first the gatekeeper regarded him with fury in his eyes, but after thinking better of a confrontation, the middle-aged man hobbled to the large metallic bar that locked the gate.

“I never seen one to sit still less’n ya. Yer business done, I take it.” The gatekeeper grunted as he pushed at the heavy steel bar to the left of the gate. Reinhart thought about helping him, but decided against such an action. The man still had his pride, even if it involved a job such as he now had. The large arm swung upwards and the gatekeeper’s push triggered the counter weight. In less than a heartbeat the gate was unlocked, allowing the gatekeeper to pull the door open. “Beggin‘ yer pardon, but would ya get the hell out ‘fore ya wake me again.”

Reinhart tried to stifle the smile threatening to betray his thoughts as he walked past the man. Before he stepped through the gate he turned and held his hand out. The gatekeeper eyed his gauntleted hand with suspicion.

“What ya want now?”

Reinhart shrugged, “From one warrior to another. Without waiting, Reinhart opened his hand and let six gold pieces fall from his fingers.

The gatekeeper moved with impressive speed, displaying that his agility hadn’t left him despite his injury, and caught all the gold pieces before they came close to the ground. “Where’n ya get this? A robbery?”

Reinhart shook his head; there was only one robbery attempt that night. “It was payment… gratitude, for a job well done. I’m passing it on.” Without another word he turned and stepped out of the gate and away from the small town. The gatekeeper watched him for several moments until the night swallowed the ranger.


If you want to learn more about C.p, his writing, or simply stalk him until the release of Stranger Passing is finally upon us (April 22nd) you can do so on Facebook, Twitter, or via his Website

 You can also check out Cp’s Author Page on Amazon to find his other great titles, all of which I can highly recommend.


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