Guest Post: The True Story of a Vampire

The True Story of a Vampire

by Clive Precious (a.k.a Lee Cushing)


Returning to his village in the spring of 1727 after a number of years in military service, Arnold Paolo bought a small cottage and some land with the intention of settling down.  As time went on, some of the other people in the village started noticing a strange uneasiness in his behaviour, which seemed to include trying to avoid meeting the daughter of a rich neighbour. 

As more time passed, Arnold was not always able to avoid the companion of his neighbours and soon his marriage to the daughter of his rich neighbour was announced.  However the new bride often commented to her friends that he seemed distant.

Eventually giving in to his bride’s curiosity, Arnold admitted he had been haunted by the fear of an early death and told her about an encounter with a vampire in a remote area of Greece during his military service, an event which caused him to resign and return to his native village.

Some point later, Arnold fell off the top of a loaded haywagon and died from his injuries.

About a month after his body was laid to rest, several of the local population reported that they had seen Arnold wandering around the village after sunset and others claimed that they were being haunted by him.

Over the next few weeks, several of the people who claimed to be being haunted began to die.  Throughout the entire winter, the people in the village lived in a state of terror.

After nearly three months after Arnold’s funeral, it was decided that his body be exhumed to confirm whether he had become a vampire.  The exhumation party consisted of two military officers, two army surgeons and the authorities of the village.

It was early in the morning that the group visited the quiet cemetery, they soon had removed the coffin from the ground and removed the lid.  It was discovered that the body had moved to one side and there was fresh blood which trickled in a thin stream from the side of Arnold’s mouth.

The group then proceed to scatter garlic over the remains and drove a stake through the body, which was reported to give out a piercing scream as the warm blood spouted out.

After this operation had been carried out, the group proceeded to exhume the bodies of those who had claimed to have been haunted by Arnold and drive stakes through them.

All of the bodies were eventually burned and the ashes were replaced on consecrated ground


If you are interested in reading’s Clive’s work, you can find him on Amazon under his pen name, Lee Cushing.




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