Guest Post: The Legend of the Vampire that Terrorised the Residents of Croglin Grange

The Legend of the Vampire that Terrorised the Residents of Croglin Grange

by Clive Precious (a.k.a Lee Cushing)


Renting the single story house known as Croglin Grange from the Fisher family, two brothers and their sister became popular with their neighbours during their first winter at the house.

The subsequent hot summer left the sister unable to sleep during the night and would often spend the time gazing out at the moonlit lawn outside her bedroom window.  During one of her sleepless nights, she witnessed something moving outside in the shadows.

As she continued to watch the figure, it slowly turned towards the window to face her and revealed hideous features.  Unable to scream from the overwhelming terror at seeing the face of the creature, the woman remained silent as the creature began picking away at the lead.

One of the window panes crashed to the floor and the creature reached through with a bony finger reached through to unfasten the catch.  Opening the window from the outside, the creature entered the woman’s bedroom.

Hearing their sister finally managing to scream, the two brothers rushed to her bedroom door and forced it open.  The creature was already back outside and running across the lawn.  Discovering their sister lying on the bed with a bloodied wound on her throat, the two brothers set off in pursuit of the creature.

Returning to Croglin Grange after the creature had escaped by leaping over the wall into a nearby churchyard, the two brothers followed the local doctor’s advice and took their sister on holiday to Switzerland.

Recovering from the attack, the woman eventually insisted on returning to Croglin Grange and the following winter passed without any repeat of the terror filled night she had experienced the previous summer.

It was during one night in March that the woman was woken suddenly by the familiar sound of scratching at the window.  This time she did not hesitate in screaming to alert her brothers and this time they were prepared.

Following the creature when it attempted to escape, one of the brothers managed to shoot it in the leg with his pistol.  Still managing to reach the wall of the churchyard, the creature was seen seeking refuge in the vault of a family long forgotten.

Assisted by the local villagers the next morning, the brothers opened the vault and discovered a grisly sight.  All of the coffins had been smashed and the bodies left to rot in the open.

Only one coffin remained intact.

Prying the lid from the coffin, the brothers discovered the mummified and hideous creature that they had chased the previous night, even having the wound of a recent pistol shot in the leg.

Removing the creature out into the sunlight, the brothers and the villagers took the only course of action they believed could lay a vampire to rest.  They burnt the body.

If you are interested in reading’s Clive’s work, you can find him on Amazon under his pen name, Lee Cushing.


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