Which Fantasy Realm Do You Dream About?

Being both an avid reader, I have been taken to a great many wonderful worlds. Some are peaceful, beautiful places, tranquil to the extreme, while others are wild and filled with action, adventure, danger and more. From places driven by a heavy sexual tint to places so far removed from what we know that life there would be unrecognizable to the way we live here.

The majority of my readers, the regulars at least, are writers in their own right, and in the very least, read a great deal, so for me to stand here and rattle off a list of places, would be pointless.

So, for a nice short sunday post, and a gentle way back into the blogsphere, I’ll throw the question out there.


Which land is your favorite, and why?




8 thoughts on “Which Fantasy Realm Do You Dream About?

  1. I’m torn between the Dragonlance world and Harry Potter. Each one presents their own unique problems and coolness, but I love the way magic lives in both of them. I tell people all the time that we live in a magical world with all the life around us, but to live in a world where it’s a tangible part of your life where you can create or do almost anything is just plain awesome to me.

    1. The Harry Potter world is nice. I love the scenery of LotR, especially Rivendell, but also Discworld from Terry Pratchett strike me as interesting places to visit. Or the islands of Arabat. There are too many haha

  2. Alex,

    I love the realm of horror. Gory horror, personal horror (like in Stephen King’s “Misery”), and world-wide horror (like your zombie apocalypse novellas).

    I also love the world of time travel. I love quantum physics, and the things that are possible. In time (pun intended), we will most likely have time travel, due to quantum computers and tachyons.

  3. What about Xanth? Pies grow on trees, everyone has a magic talent, puns abound … of course, people are also constantly being chomped by dragons, so I’d only want to go to Xanth if I was assured of being a main character 😀

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