Story Cube Monday

While coming home from my business trip last week, I saw something fantastic in the shopping brochure on the plane. I bought it to play with my son, who is always taking about stories and wanting to be a writer like me.

However, I also thought that it would make a pretty good weekly post for this blog.

The premise is simple. There are 9 dice, I roll the dice, and the pictures that are face up all need to be combined to make a story. This can be any sort of story, and is just for fun.

I will be posting it every Monday, and if you write something, and care to share it with me, then by all means, send it along.

So here we go with the first picture. You can start with any one you want, and have to follow no particular order.

Have fun!

A Pirate Flag

A Telescope

A Necklace

A Tent

A Crown

A Glasses

A Conical Flask

A bag (of coins perhaps)

A Cactus


8 thoughts on “Story Cube Monday

  1. This is awesome!!! I’ve asked for this for Christmas. It would make an awesome stocking stuffer wouldn’t it? Well, when we went back, they didn’t have them anymore, but a friend let me borrow hers, you know, for…professional development? ha! 🙂

    1. I know what you mean. I bought them to play with my 6 year old son, but keep them on me… for as you say, professional reasons. I am tempted to challenge myself to write a novel based on the roll of the dice. Maybe NaNo this year. might try to get a group together.

      1. sounds cool! I wanted them to spark flash fiction ideas. 🙂 Love the idea doing it on the blog like this. So, do you want the entries emailed to you or posted in the comments? that is if I get around to writing a story, but heck, pirates? who could resist? 🙂

  2. Either or, if I get any entries, I will read them and with consent post them on the blog. 🙂 If not, I just hope some people enjoy the posts and create something at a later date.

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