Has the EU gone completely mad???? Update : Video added.

The madness of the EU and their unending support of the big machine at the expense of the little guy.

Meeka's Moving

This video clip explains the importance of seeds, and seed diversity far better than I can.

This is huge, and truly HORRIBLE.

I’ve just learned the EU is trying to pass a new law that would outlaw the selling or trading of heirloom varieties of seeds. If passed, this law would benefit only the multinational seed companies – like Monsanto – while endangering biodiversity and the safety of future food production.

If this is a sign of things to come, we are all at risk, not just the countries of Europe.


Why does any of this matter? The answer is complicated but I’ll try and boil it down to a few key issues.

1. Farmers are currently growing crops based on a few hybrid seed varieties.

2. These hybrid seeds are owned by a few, ginormous, multinational seed companies who own the patents, and have a virtual monopoly…

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4 thoughts on “Has the EU gone completely mad???? Update : Video added.

  1. Thanks Alex. I’m not normally a placard waving demonstrator but this really shocked me. The more people who hear about it the more chance we have of stopping this obscenity.

      1. I swear, if this law passes I hope everyone starts a blackmarket in heirloom seeds and gives the finger to authority. 😦

  2. We have a similar issue here in the US. A bill was recently signed into law that has a portion protecting Monsanto from judicial oversight. It raises valid questions when they and companies like them are on the verge of becoming “too big to fail”.and are supported wholeheartedly by governments.

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