Sunday Update May 5th 2013

Well, today is Liberation day in Holland, and there are always a number of services going on to remember the removal of the Germans and the return of the country. This year they were planning to honor the German dead as well, and this was met with much criticism. I think it is a nice thing to do. I mean, the past is the past, and the Germans gave their lives for their country too. Whatever the reasons behind it. I just hope that things go off without any trouble.

As I am in England, I am not following it ‘live’ so will keep my eyes peeled on the news. I don’t expect much.

On the writing front, I have now published eight of my Diaries of the Damned, and the final chapter is being edited as we speak, and I hope to have it live this coming week. I have not really written a word of anything meaningful in about a month, what with my business trips to the UK (1 week) and Australia (4 days + 3 days travelling). I have three short stories to write, it was one at the start of the week, but two new ideas have dawned on me, one of which will border the erotic, but with a more sadistic nature than anything 50 Shades of Bollocks… Grey-ish.

I really am looking for ward to writing those… wait one second, I stand corrected, there are now 4 stories I want to write. Then again, I really need to write the third installment of the Highway to Hell trilogy… and edit my thriller / horror novel ‘Par 4: The Course’.  In short, I have enough to do, and had planned on getting some writing done in the 10 days I was on holiday visiting my family, but so far, after 5 days I have not done anything. Maybe I will have a bit of better luck in the coming days… no, I will make myself write in the coming days. It might not be a lot, but I will make myself write something.

I wish you all a great Sunday!

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