The Liebster Award… I have been Nominated

I always find blog awards a very humbling experience, and I know that I have said this every time I have been nominated, and I can assure you that I will continue saying it.

This award came to me from one of the great friends I have made online in recent years;


Originating in Germany, the rules of the Liebster award seem to change with the wind. I will play using a mix of the rules in the post that nominated me combined with a few of my own; why?  What can I say… I like to break the rules.

The Rules:

State 7 random facts about yourself

Recommend other bloggers for the award.

Answer this simple question.

I have reduced the rules somewhat due to my limited timescales for blogging at this moment in time.

The Facts:

I am wearing a Bananaman T-shirt, and I love it.

I am secretly starting to enjoy my job.

Dancing is not something I am built to do.

I would love to be a bounty hunter.

I love having cold callers on the phone, because I play with them.

Sometimes I fear for my own sanity

I have a growing obsession for James Bond.

The Nominees:

Written in Blood

Talin Orfali

Parlor of Horror

Catherine Green

Lindsey Beth Goddard

The Question:

If you could be killed by a movie serial killer, who would it be and why?

7 thoughts on “The Liebster Award… I have been Nominated

  1. It would definitely be by Theresa Russell in “The Black Widow”. Although I would know in the back of my mind that my time was limited, being loved and consumed upon by a woman of such beauty – no matter how deadly – would excite me…right to the end!


      1. Thank you, Alex. I will put a post together to commemorate the honor. My foot has been killing me for the past three days and this will be a good distraction. This is quite an honor.

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