Sports Direct: You Should be Ashamed

This is an honest post and annoyed me so much I just had to write something about it. It shows that standards of companies in the UK, and I daresay the world over. The customer no longer means anything. Their money means things, but even that does not seem to guarantee any sort of customer service.

My family and I have spent the last 10 days in the UK with my family. As is customary, my Dad bought the kids some shoes.  We bought them (as always) from Sports Direct. A sporting goods store in the UK that is normally rather low-cost. We ordered them online, and paid through the nose for next day delivery. This is where the adventure began.

some 30 hours later we sent them an email asking where the shoes were. We got a very nice email back advising that they had been dispatched. Which was odd as the order tracking system showed them as yet to be collected. Still, we accepted it and waited. After a total of 48 hours and no shoes, we sent another email to their customer services department asking in a slightly firmer tone, where they were. The response we got was an identical email to the original. Word for word the same generic auto response… the Bastards!

Another day went by, the money had long since left my father’s account so the contract had been formed. A third email was sent demanding a response and not a generic email that sounds good but provides no answers. What do you think was the response…

Yep, another identical email!!

Somewhat aggrieved, my father went to the phone lines only to discover another alarming coincidence. Every time he phoned, he was in the same space in the queue, moved forwards at the same time in the call and after 16 minutes was promptly disconnected.

Sports Direct eventually delivered the shoes some four days late a matter of hours before we left for home.

Until now, no contact with the company has been possible, and according to a quick Google search, the problem is not isolated to us alone.

I know one shop I will never be using again!!



10 thoughts on “Sports Direct: You Should be Ashamed

  1. Customer service the world over, has gone downhill. I need to contact Ryanair … now that is a farce! No email, and the calls are followed through with ‘we cannot connect from your country’. We are nobodies in the retail world anymore, just cash on legs.

  2. Most stores these days are wonderful at sales, then diabolical in the extreme with customer service. If you wish to buy, you will speak to someone instantly, any problem then you encounter that IT generated ‘wall’. We sincerely feel your anguish, and agree the only answer is to take your business elsewhere.

      1. 😦 I guess this is the big danger of e-commerce – no comeback. At least with bricks and mortar you can go there in person and cause a stink in public. Or take them to a small claims tribunal.

  3. I would report them to the retail ombudsman, can’t think who that is off the top of my head though. Terrible service, thanks for the warning Alex. It is so true about big corporations these days. I hate having to phone any of them because I know it involves a lengthy amount of time listening to hold music, several annoying automated menus, and no real resolution at the end of it. They usually just finish the call with another automated message referring you to their website!

    1. Yeah I have had that once before. It really cheesed me off. You sit on hold for ages just to be told that you can do it online. Nothing more annoying than that. Thanks for dropping by Catherine.

  4. I’m having a similar problem with Three Mobile Phones – I’ve not had any service for four weeks now – first week due to ‘maintenance to improve the service in your area’ and when I said what happens if I need to make an urgent call (and I’m enable to even call them, I’ve been using my landline all the time) they said ‘think of the bigger picture it will be far superior once it is completed’ – so stupidly I ordered a new one – and that’s when the whole thing went wrong. They won’t cancel the new contract even though I don’t have a working phone of any sort and if I insist on cancelling, they will charge me the full amount of the two year contract!! I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place and still no phone four weeks later 😦

    1. Ouch, I feel your pain Heather. Companies just seem to think that they can walk all over the consumer without a second thought and that we will all just blindly still be there the next time that they bring out a new product, etc. I hope you get your mobile issue sorted soon.

    2. Hello Heather, I had a similar experience with TalkTalk and our internet connection. In December last year our broadband connection went down, and it took the company nearly a whole month to resolve the fault. Every time I phoned customer services I got automated messages referring me to their website (which I couldn’t access!), and when I finally spoke to people they weren’t recording our conversations and nothing was being actioned. In the end I raised a formal complaint and got it fixed, but it was very stressful. I decided to leave TalkTalk, but they persuaded me to try out their new combined telephone/internet/Freeview package with big discounts, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. So far, so ok (although our On Demand TV service isn’t working very well…). I hope you get your issues resolved soon.

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