The End of a Sporting Era; A tearful end to 2012-13

The end of many sporting seasons is drawing to a close. The final games are being played, and trophies claimed. For me, the sport I follow the closest is Football (Soccer). While I have not seen as much as I would like this season, the 2012/13 period will go down in the annals of history. There were no surprise winners, not really, and the Premiership title, as with that in Spain, Germany, Italy and France was decided with games to spare. No, this season will go down in history for being the end of an era for British sport.

May 2013 will be remembered as the month we said goodbye and thank you to some of the biggest names British sport has ever seen.

Sir Alex Ferguson (semi) shocked the world a few weeks ago when he announced that he would step down as manager of Manchester United, and retire from the sport – in such an active and public capacity at least). If this wasn’t enough to set the back pages alight, a few days later none of than David Beckham decided that it was time to hang up his boots. Hot on the heels of this came the (much less publicized) second and final retirement of Paul Scholes, another stalwart of English football over the last twenty years. Michael Owen is another player deciding to call it a day on his playing career, and his fellow ex-Liverpool teammate Jamie Carragher has also made the decision to hang up his boots.

Maybe it is just me, maybe, or rather I know, it is just because I am getting old, and so is everybody else. But these are the players I grew up watching, idolising in some instances.

I may not be a big Alex Ferguson fan, but his achievements have been remarkable, and one thing is for sure, the football world will not be the same again without these great players. Sure, others will come along, but for me, they were my generation, and it will be their highlight reels I will watch and remember with fondness in years to come, when my hair is grey and my own retirement has come to pass.

I guess all that is left to say to these great names is goodbye, and thank you.

Goodbye David


3 thoughts on “The End of a Sporting Era; A tearful end to 2012-13

  1. Even I have heard of Beckham. It does feel like the end of an era. But perhaps there will be a new crop of great sports people coming up through the ranks. At least now there’s room at the top.

    1. That is very much true, I mean, even now you have Messi and Ronaldo, Bale and a few others, but they will not be my players. Sure I will watch them, but the generation that inspired my youth are now winding down. 🙂

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