Author Tom Ufert has Rebranded his Website.

Those of you who have read my interview with Tom Ufert, will surely agree, that this writer is a man who will go a long way. His book, Adversity Builds Character is my prediction for the read of 2013. You can read my interview with Tom here, and check out my review of his novel here.


Tom Ufert


As per of his emergence into the literary world, Tom has re-branded and relaunched his website. It is well worth a look – it also includes a wonderful email he did not too long ago.

The new look gives the website the pop that it was missing and perfectly captures Tom’s optimistic nature, and the gentle music playing in the background makes it a site you can spend all day reading.

Watch this space for an exciting new word from Tom regarding his novel, and his plans for its promotion, and further writings. Tom Ufert is here to stay everybody, for he has stared adversity in the eye and will not be beaten.

Tom is always interested in hearing back from other authors, readers, and people interested in his story, so don’t be shy, find him on Facebook or contact him through his blog.



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