Belated Birthday Bonanza

Nice title, heh?

As it suggests, yesterday was infact my birthday (May 31st), and as I hit the grand old age of 29, I have lowered the prices of some of my books.

Highway to Hell, my debut horror novel and the first in a contracted trilogy is now just 99cents.

That is over 300 pages of non stop hell based horror fun for less than one dollar!!

2013-06-01 Highway to Hell

Marcus, Becky, Richard, Helen, Sammy, and Graham. All complete strangers,  different ages, backgrounds and even countries, but they all have one major thing in common…they all must DIE. Sentenced to offer their penance in the many chambers of Hell, their lives are nothing but a torturous experience. They are brought face to face with their past, their mistakes and the implications that had for others. Until one by one they are rescued and thrown together. Walking in a dying world, they are introduced to their rescuers who do anything but conform to their angelic stereotype. Together, bonded by an unknown destiny the group is set on their quest; to find one individual buried deep within the many Hell worlds. Not only does the fate of their world rest on their shoulders, but that of existence itself. Heaven and Hell, Angels and Demons, these things were once considered opposites, but what happens when they become neighbors, allies…friends?


If that wasn’t enough for you, I am even making the first installmtent of my zombie series – Diaries of the Damned: Jessica FREE!!


The dead have risen and a desperate struggle for power has begun. The military are evacuating all survivors in passenger planes. With their destination unknown, one group of survivors led by a journalist named Paul Larkin, decide to share their experiences with the hope that when combined, their stories will reveal some answers that the government had not been willing to give themselves.

The first to tell their tale is a Flight Attendant who has found herself in the employment of the military. Stuck ferrying passengers to all manner of remote locations, she finds herself with just as many questions as the others. Every story must start somewhere.

Her name is Jessica Bough and she is a survivor


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