The Best Prank I Ever Pulled

This post has nothing to do with writing, but I am snowed under at work, and well, sometimes it is fun to relive old memories. Especially one experienced with friends I have lost touch with over the years.

One night, many moons ago, after having consumed a considerable amount of alcohol, my friends decided to crash at my place… well, my parent’s place.

One of my friends, being slightly weird when sober, and very paranoid when inebriated, decided that he needed to sleep in his car, because it was not safe to leave it alone. We didn’t argue with him, as I said, we were used to his unusual… um, quirks.

Well, when we woke up the next morning, hangover free but mischievous, we decided to play a trick on our friend. Just because we could.

I had a load of fireworks left over from my recent trip to Holland (for New Year), they were predominantly smoke balls and fire crackers. So we crept outside, placed a large number of smoke balls around the underside of this guys car, lit them all, and waited. The smoke started to billow – remember this was around 7am on a Sunday morning – and so we each lit a fire cracker and started slapping the windows of his car.

Ripped from sleep by out shouts of fire, and the explosions from the fire crackers, my friend leaped from the back door, screaming rather loudly, batting at himself as if he too were aflame. It took a little while to realize that not only we were laughing, but several of the early rising neighbors were too. Pissed beyond words, he cursed us all, jumped into his car to drive away, but only succeeded in driving into our dustbins, forcing him to get out of the car, apologetically replace the bins to their normal position, and with a final exclamation of ‘assholes’ he drove away once more.

About an hour or so later, considerably calmed, he returned and agreed it was rather funny.

Looking back, we were rather cold and heartless, but even now, I cannot help but chuckle at the memory. We were a close-knit group of kids, but now, some 10-12 years later, we have lost touch. It has been at least 7 years since I saw any of the group, but despite that, it is memories like the one above that cemented our friendship, and when we meet up again once day, I am sure that the good times will abound.


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