Getting Back into Character

Well, I started writing the final Highway to Hell the other day. You may have seen the raw first draft I published earlier in the week. It has been a long time since I last wrote anything in the Highway series. It has been a good seven months or so since I finished my edits on the second book, so you can imagine how long it has been since I last created anything in that world. As a result, I am finding it somewhat trickier than I had expected to get back into character.

I had almost no gap in between writing parts one and two, and so the story was still flowing and fresh in my mind, as where the characters, their quirks and mannerisms. Now however, after such a long break, I just have the feeling that I am missing something. Of course, these small elements will come back to me, and edits will allow me the chance to pop them back into the start of the story, but it is a new sensation for me.

I started writing this post this morning, it is now later afternoon, and in between I have written about 500 words – and had a day out with the family – but during the writing part, I already found that old feeling coming back again.

What is the longest you have waited in between novels to return to a familiar stomping ground? Have you struggled to find that relationship with the characters again, or is it like visiting an old friend you haven’t seen in years. A bit stale at first, but before long you have regressed to the troublemaking youngsters you used to be?

6 thoughts on “Getting Back into Character

  1. I’m going through the same thing with the next Sword and the Flame novel. I had no problem falling into the familiarity with the main characters from the first, but some of the secondary ones are leaving me guessing. I’m taking a short break from it and in a few days I’m going to start reading the Purging again to try to ground myself in their full mannerisms and things. Good luck. It sounds like you’re closer to it than I am with mine. lol

  2. No problem and thank you. I was beginning to think I was the only one having that issue. I was surprised when I started writing for a couple of the minor characters and couldn’t shake the feeling they were too generic. I figured now’s a good time to correct it before I really screwed something up. lol

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