A Few Hours to Play Catch-Up

I am facing a long day of travel now, well… technically two, but thanks to time zones it isn’t as bad as it sounds. I am flying out to Hong Kong on business, staying a whole two days and then flying home. This includes a 6 hour layover in London, Heathrow this afternoon before my flight out.

To most people this would be a nightmare, but to me, this period of waiting and the flight itself, 14 hours flying time each way, is something I am relishing. Ok, sure in Heathrow, as I am travelling business class, I have free wi-fi in the lounge, and can get some work done, but during the flight, I am disconnected to the online world, no social media, no emails, no distractions. I have a full 24 hours to myself, to catch up on my reading and my writing. Sure, you are in a plane and there is some sleep involved, but the opportunity to catch up in such an undistracted fashion is something that I am thankful for.

Maybe it is just me, and I am well aware that my own sanity is somewhat thing in places, but doesn’t it just sound perfect?

I have a number of books I am taking with me, both paperback and e-book, and I plan to read them all. As for writing, I want to see some big numbers coming in on Highway to Hell III and I have a few editor comments to work on a couple of short stories that I want to submit around.

Granted while I am in Hong Kong I am going to be working my ass off and probably hitting around 16 hour days, that is just part of the deal. It is the offline hours, while I am effectively shrouded from the web’s procrastination promoting powers that I am truly looking to take advantage of.

Being away from the kids for 5 days again will be tough, but it is only a few days, and they will all get presents so I am sure they will not mind that.


4 thoughts on “A Few Hours to Play Catch-Up

  1. You’re a better man than me by going on a plane. lol I did much the same when we took a train to Pennsylvania a couple of years ago for my cousin’s wedding. A couple of Tom Clancy books and notebooks and I was a happy boy. Have a safe trip. 🙂

    1. Thank you, it is only for two days, but I am looking forward to it. Got a few places I want to visit and a lot of late night and early morning calls to do also. the joy of business travel. Still, business class lounge, flights, and airmiles make the deal so much sweeter. 🙂

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