Kindle is the New Hoover!

I just hate it when a particular brand becomes so popular and common place that the brand name becomes synonymous with the product itself. Years ago it was done with Hoover, everybody had a Hoover at home. This was a lie, everybody had Vacuum Cleaners at home, the rich and well to-do had Hoovers.

The same is now sadly the case with Kindles.

I have spent a number of hours in Heathrow airport today, and also a fair few sitting at Schiphol, and while in line at security I was, as is the writer way, watching those around me, and in particular the Security Staff. They are a fascinating batch of individuals… but I digress.

While standing at the security, emptying my bag of all electronics, liquids, gels and what not, I noticed that all of the signs read the following:

  • Please remove all electronic devices and all other contents of your pockets,
  • Please remove jackets,
  • Please remove laptops,
  • Please remove Kindles.

Being a natural-born troublemaker, I would have been tempted to leave my e-reader in their and simply point out the error of their messages, however, given the lack of humor most airport staff have in these days of hyper-vigilance, I held my tongue.

It stuck me as strange though that they would use this particular wording, for a Kindle is but a single device. I don’t have a Kindle, I have a different e-reader and I love it more than the kindle I did have. I know plenty of people with Nooks, Kobos and all manner of generic brands machines.

Is it specifically the kindle that poses such a security threat that it cannot be scanned through the material of my bag, or have the other e-readers simply been pushed from the mind and lumped together under a much simpler banner?

It is bad enough that the big Amazon machine is putting smaller companies out of business, but to push the name of their products into anonymity is a different story (and yes, I know this is not Amazon’s doing, I am just making a point).

I did test my theory somewhat at the security scan, because the woman asked me if I had a laptop or Kindle, feigning ignorance I said, I’m sorry, did you say laptop and e-reader, and she looked at me and said “Yes, laptop and Kindle.” I gave her a second chance, you cannot expect more than that from me.


3 thoughts on “Kindle is the New Hoover!

  1. I’m curious, which e-reader do you have? And btw, the word e-reader says it all – it’s a horrible word and doesn’t flow off the tongue at all. If it could be abbreviated in some way – say like TV from television – we wouldn’t all be talking about Kindles. 😉

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