WhoDunit? Christopher Abbott Did That’s Who!

When Christopher Abbott sat down to pen his debut novel, he had no idea how far his book would go.

Nestled comfortably around the top 20,000 mark on Amazon the twisting tale of Sir Laurance Dies has made its mark on readers, and introduced the world to a mystery writer who has broken away from the Holmes and Poirot mold and created his own unique mix of characters.


This is a beautifully written cozy historical police procedural. I read the Kindle version, and it was clear to me that the occasional typographical error had to do exclusively with the publishing medium. Mr. Abbot’s writing is elegant, and his diction is precise. He has set his mystery principally between the World Wars, and he demonstrates an intimate knowledge of the first half of the 20th Century.

This book is a cross between cozy and police procedural, and it hits that perfect spot so that you feel a little as if you’re with Dame Agatha Christie, Rex Stout, Dame Ngaio Marsh or Dorothy Sayers. The characters are full. The detectives are engaging. The plot is full of twists and turns, and the rules for detective stories laid out by Ms. Sayers and protected
by Dame Agatha are adhered to faithfully.
I enjoyed the book so much that I kept turning its pages instead of running the errands I had planned to do, and I’m giving thanks for it by writing this review while I should be catching up on them. Dr. Pieter Straay is an engaging detective, and his cooperation with “the force” is well crafted.

– Kay House

Lovers of British mysteries can rightly accompany their read of Sir Laurence Dies with tea and crumpets, a glass of port by the fire or in quiet solitude. In any case, this debut novel by Christopher Abbott will satisfy. After an Agathaesque beginning, the middle becomes uniquely Abbottesque, very clever and interesting; it kept me guessing and turning the pages. The ending left me speechless. You will enjoy this new classic.

– Nigel Fields

I am amazed that the previous posters didn’t see the connection to so many of Ms. Christie’s novels of Hercule Poirot. There should be someplace to go to see if the reader caught all the “eggs”. The author did a fine job of presenting as interesting a mystery as those of Dame Agatha and I highly recommend this to any mystery lover, especially those who love Agatha Christie.

The blurb for the book is a good place to go for the general description. I’m afraid to say too much for fear I’ll spoil it for first time readers. I’m glad that I had no real knowledge of what was to come because the joy of enlightenment,or the sneakiness of the author, was much to fun to miss! Read the book for a rocking good mystery that will take you back to the days of Hercule Poirot.

– Parker Pen

Grab your copy of Sir Laurence Dies today. You will not be sorry.


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