Interview with Horror’s Hottest Talent…. ME

That’s right, the hottest voice in modern horror *cough cough* is appearing over at Junying Kirk’s blog. She grilled me to a golden finish on both sides, and the result is a thrilling read, if I do say so myself.

Don’t believe me? Come check me out.

Today I have the pleasure to welcome an UK born horror writer based in the Netherlands. I think I met Alex through my website, or perhaps the Facebook – it’s been quite a while so my memory is playing tricks on me :) . 

Hello, Alex. Good to have you here. Can you please tell us when you started writing & what/who inspired you to write? 

I think, looking back, I have always been a writer. I remember writing stories when I was a kid, great, long stories. One I remember was even horror based, even back then. It was about a fighter pilot who got shot down and crash landed his plane. He was rescued but not after some rather horrific (and highly unusual) twists. I wrote my first novel when I was 15 and started taking it seriously when I was about 24.

Wow, a child prodigal writer! How would you describe your own writing style? 

I’m not sure if I really have a style. I kind of just sit down and write whatever comes to me. Others who have read my work have claimed seeing comparisons to Stephen King, and while I view it as the highest compliment, I cannot say that it was intentional. I view writing, and style very much like art. An artist knows what his painting (or sculpture, etc.) say, and does not need to define them for others in order to know himself that it is complete. I write what comes to me; it can change with the wind. I just let my mind and soul run with it. What I produce, and especially the projects I have lined up, is hard to place in a particular category.

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6 thoughts on “Interview with Horror’s Hottest Talent…. ME

  1. Groovy idea…and since I am sure you talk to yourself a lot anyway…this was just a natural extension of that act. 🙂

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