A cover speaks a 1000 words…

Christopher Abbott is a writer with a big future, and guess what… he is climbing to the top of the pile and doing it all on his lonesome… well, with a little help from his friends, but he has no publisher, he has no agent. What he does have is a kick-ass murder mystery book and fantastic characters.

Christopher D. Abbott

ImageI’m compelled to write another blog about the value of eBook and self-publishing.  Since I re-blogged the “Self-publishing is destroying the world”, I’ve had a lot of conflicting opinions on the subject. The truth is, there will always be those who (rightly in many cases) assert that a published author will always trump self-published. I don’t suppose that many of you who weren’t fortunate enough to be picked up out of the millions of authors who like me thought – “I can cut it, I’ll have agents and publishing houses bidding over my fantastic book” – would seriously turn down an offer to publish, if that offer came along.

I’ve said many times before, in blogs, interviews, on Facebook, and other online places, that I never sought to be a number one best-selling author.  I didn’t even know if I had the ability to even finish a book, and no…

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