Why Short Fiction Makes a Great Holiday Read

The Summer holidays are fast approaching, and for some they have already arrived. This means rest and relaxation, fun in the sun, sitting by the pool, on the beach, or in the garden of you house or a location in some far off field of a foreign land. The question is, ‘what do we do with all of this time?’ Well if you are anything like me, you will be playing with the kids, running around in the pools and … oh yeah, reading. The summer holidays provides the perfect opportunity to catch up with our favorite books and authors, or even to find new writers bodies of work that we enjoy.

For me, short stories and shorter pieces of fiction make excellent holiday reading. Perfect bite-sized chunks to read beside the pool, just long enough to keep us occupied in between drinks, meals, dips into the pool or episodes of playing police officer and keeping the kids under control.

The Books of Blood were a regular summertime companion of mine for a few years running. Great stories and as I said, the perfect length. Kind of like The Diaries of the Damned, short chapter style books. Each one is a perfect summer sun exposure length, a unique and fully rounded story which fit seamlessly together to form on continuous narrative. Sounds good right?… I know so what are you waiting for?






Tracey & Alan



Landing – The Final Chapter

If you like these, then don’t forget to check out the works of these great zombie writers:

Armand Rosamilia,

Todd Brown

Mark Tufo

With nothing but 5-star reviews across the entire series, you don’t need to just take my word for it, that Diaries make the perfect Summer read.

I don’t have any time off until the middle of August, but I have spent the first half of this weekend reading in the sun with the kids, and have similar plans for today. What about you? Do you have any holiday reading lists?



2 thoughts on “Why Short Fiction Makes a Great Holiday Read

  1. Sounds like a plan Alex! I have your short stories on my TBR list, and I intend to get my reading done while I do all the breastfeeding with my newborn when he/she arrives later this month… I have not read enough lately, I’m having withdrawal symptoms! You enjoy your holiday.

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