Authors and Bookmarks

What are your takes on Bookmarks and other promotional materials to aide the indie writer in their search for sales, success and… well… sales.


Back in the early days of publishing (for me… we’re talking 2005) I always had a huge stack of bookmarks at my disposal. I did a new bookmark for every release I put out with Carnifex Press and every one of my own releases got the bookmark treatment with the website on one side and the book cover and ordering info on the other. Of course, when Carnifex Press went the way of the dodo I was stuck with about five thousand useless bookmarks. I guarantee there is a heavy box filled with them somewhere in my garage. It was also the last time I used anything other than a business card to promote my work. 

Author Tim Baker swears by bookmarks, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without a handful of them in his pocket and within easy reach. Hell, if you even glance at him he’ll…

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3 thoughts on “Authors and Bookmarks

  1. I’ve thought about them and wouldn’t mind having a handful around. It’d really help out until we can figure out where the box of my business cards ran off too. lol

    1. Ha! Yeah, I just cannot decide. For me, it is not worth it because I’m in a non-English speaking country, so to leave bookmarks lying around will never do enough to cover the costs.

      1. True, covering the cost is our problem too. All of the author showcases around here are filled with self help books and we rarely get a glance. Another option I was thinking about was to plant them in some of the books at the local library. The only problem is the staff knows me too well and I’d get into trouble. back to square one. lol

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