Survival Supplies You Need In Your Home

Bob Mayer

SurvivalFinalExcerpt from The Green Beret Survival Guide.  If you consider the events of the past year:  Sandy, tornadoes, wildfires, etc. this book becomes more and more pertinent.  The true key as any survivor will tell you, is preparation.  Are you prepared?

These items should be in your house and you should know where they are.

  • ·  A minimum week’s supply of water.  For the home, plan on one gallon per person, per day.  The reality is we will tend to be more slack with water discipline at home than we would outside of it.  I recommend a month’s supply, but you should be able to supplement that week’s supply from other sources.
  • ·  A minimum week’s supply of food that won’t spoil.  Recommend a month’s supply for each person.
  • ·  A can opener.
  • ·  Flashlights.  Covered in more detail under gear.
  • ·  Extra batteries.
  • ·  A crank powered emergency…

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