20 fun horror movies to see before you die

Jeremy C. Shipp

Here’s my list of 20 fun horror films that I love. Not all of these movies are scary, but they’re filled with monsters and horror tropes.

1. Dead Alive

2. Trick ‘r Treat

3. Evil Dead 2

4. House 2

5. The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

6. Bio Zombie

7. Cannibal! The Musical

8. The Happiness of the Katakuris

9. Tucker & Dale vs Evil

10. Shaun of the Dead

11. Fido

12. Beetlejuice

13. The Cabin in the Woods

14. Scream

15. Gremlins

16. ParaNorman

17. Drag Me to Hell

18. The Funhouse

19. Basket Case

20. Delicatessen

What are your favorite fun horror films?

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