I Have Gone and Done it Again!

I should probably start posting these bits of news closer with a little more promptness, but it has been so busy this week I just have not had time.

To follow on from my previous post related to my writing, I am delighted to announce that since then I have also signed a book deal with the wonderful people over at Vamptasy Publishing. This fine group of people have read and enjoyed my short story collection ‘Musings of a Hideous Mind: Volumes I, II, and III.

While the details have not yet been fully ironed out, I have been welcomed into the Vamptasy family and feel at home already.


It certainly caps off a great week for me, and with all of my writing now contracted to various publishing houses.

I have to say a bit thank you to the wonderful Julieanne Lynch. She prompted me to submit my work to Vamptasy, and had she not done so, I know for a fact I would not be sitting in the position I am today.

there is only one thing for me to be getting on with. Shutting up, and writing more!

…  Wait

… that’s two things… CRAP! that is why I am a writer and not a mathematician.

Happy writing and have  a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “I Have Gone and Done it Again!

  1. Aww, thanks Alex, but it was your wonderful work that sealed you the deal. Congratulations and I can’t wait to see where your career goes from here on in. Much love and respect from the Emerald Isle.

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