Clive Barker

An interview with Clive Barker talking about The Cabal Cut

Owen Williams

Here’s something in full for once, rather than just a link. I wrote a large feature on Clive Barker’s Nightbreed for the September 2012 issue of Empire, and this is the full transcript of the interview I conducted with Barker, in which he talks in detail about Nightbreed, its source novel Cabal, and the new “Cabal Cut” of the film.

For those new to the story, Nightbreed was taken away from Barker and re-cut by its studio for release, to the extent that Barker more-or-less disowned it. The cut footage was thought lost, but various work-prints have been uncovered on VHS tapes over the last couple of years. This footage was then assembled into what is essentially a bootleg cut, dubbed The Cabal Cut, by Derby-based academic and filmmaker (and friend of Barker’s) Russell Cherrington, Mark Miller of Barker’s Seraphim Films company, and editor…

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