Special Blog-a-versary Guest: Tom Ufert

Ranee Dillon

To celebrate my one year blog-a-versary I decided to pay it forward.  Today I have a very special guest whose journey led him, not to give up or wallow, but instead grab life by the bubble and inspire others to do the same. Please welcome…

Tom Ufert

Alex guest post 1

Twenty years ago my life was spiraling out of my control. During my prime, I was the editor in chief of my college newspaper, chapter president/state province representative for my fraternity, attended fifteen hours of classes, worked about thirty-five hours a week, was chairman of my College Republican chapter, on the alumni boards for my high school and college, was speakers chairman for college student government, was the youngest member of my state GOP central committee, consulted for political campaigns, raised money for the local summer music festival, and had an active social life. I could do it all; but then, something…

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