Cover Reveal: Lumen by Joseph Eastwood

JOSEPH EASTWOOD, born 9th June 1993, Lancaster, England, has always been adamant in his dreams of being a published author. Although he had been through stages of wanting to be in every other profession under the sun, and what better way to live out all of those professions than to be an author and create people with them.

Lumen, Clandestine, and Salem Gates are all full-length novels for the YA fantasy market, and they’re all coming soon!


It is my pleasure to once again hand my blog over to an up and coming writer who is today launching the new cover of his book ‘Lumen’


If that isn’t enough to tickle your interests and get you itching to run out and by the book, maybe this will…


Okay, Okay, I will quit stalling. I will stop teasing you with these words and promises of literary joy and show you all the cover. But before I do… brace yourselves, because it is a cracker!


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