Cry Havoc and Loose the Blogs of War!

I am donning the war paint and preparing to venture out into the battlegrounds of the blog world.

After a long wait, the second Highway to Hell novel is at hand. It’s publishing date should, all things being equal, be one week from today. That’s right ONE WEEK!

2013-06-01 Highway to HellThat means that this week is all about Highway to Hell, so that come next week, when we lower the price and hit the shelves with the second installment interest will be at a frenzied peak.

Until now, the sales of the first book have been poor at best. That is not through any faults with the book, or poor writing, as the reviews will confirm for you. It is purely down to me. That’s right. The blame lays squarely at my feet. I have done nothing, or at best close to nothing to promote this book.

WHY? Why would you do such a thing? Spend months creating something, lovingly caring for it, only to abandon it the moment it flies the nest and ventures into the big wide world?

The answer is simple. I am not perfect. I misunderstood a lot… ok, everything about the promotion game.


I still do not know a lot, but I am better prepared this time around. I am going to hit the ground running.


Every day this week I will be posting something about the characters in my book. Short biographies if you will. Then next week, I am hoping to hit the road.


If anybody has any space on their blog, and has the time to send me some interview questions, or to host an extract of Highway to Hell, please let me know and  I will send something across to you.




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