It Is Time To Get Organized

Just last night a good friend of mine showed me something that think could change my life.

2013-08-27 Google Docs

Google Docs! Yes, I am useless when it comes to technology and had no idea what this was. She showed me how it works, and I am in love. By nature I am a somewhat chaotic person. In my head I love to be organized, but I never mange to bring that into fruition.


Google docs are just the thing I need. I can access them anyway, use them in many ways and that is just from spending a few minutes playing around last night and this morning.

I have already created a nice blog tour sign up sheet. I have decided that I will just run it continually. Advertising it in spells, and try to build up a nice flow of guest posts rather than focused tours.

2013-08-27 - Blog Sheet

There will be tours, oh yes there will, but not all the time. I will try to time them right, and wait for the best moment not just in terms of releases but in terms of the market, the buying mentality, the season. There are more variables than even I realized. But that as they say, is a post for another time.

I am also trying to build up a portfolio of samples and guest posts, so that I can send them out at the drop of a hat and be ready to pounce on any opportunity that may come my way.

Promotion is something I keep telling myself I will start working on, but until now I have never followed through with that promise. Today is different. I have enough books published and have seen some very good results with Highway to Hell this month and like the way it tasted.

I read somewhere that you should spend hours and hours every day promoting your work. I cannot afford to do that, either in terms of finances or actual time, but I can do more, much more than I do now. So watch out, you could be seeing me out and about more than ever.


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