My First Real Radio Experience Was Fun

zombie 2

Well, last weekend I made my first ever real radio appearance. I did a short 5 minute into piece a few weeks ago, but that didn’t really count. The show I did on Saturday morning (my time) however, was an entire hour of me!

Now I don’t get nervous very easily, and I never plan for thins, so I called into the station and just winged it. That being said, I did wonder for a while how I would be able to fill an entire hour talking about my writing. Turns out that it was unfounded, and I could have gone on for another sixty minutes.

The interview itself was great fun, and with many of the writers and editors from my publishers – J Ellington Ashton – in the chat room posing questions that were then posed for me, the whole process was a great laugh. I only woke up twenty minutes before the interview started and with no coffee in the house, I was just glad I sounded vaguely literate. From what I have been told, I sounded very good.

I certainly think radio is a great medium, and now I am eager to add more such experiences to my resume.

Whether radio is a good platform for selling books, I don’t know, but it is great at building that platform people are always talking about. Giving yourself a voice as an author is invaluable.

I hope you had a chance to listen my appearance on Zombiepalooza, if not you can follow the link and download the show. I am on the first hour.



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