A Trip on the Highway to Hell

An extract from my new novel, Highway to Hell: Trials and Tribulations.

The BiaLog

I’d like to take a moment to introduce an excerpt from Alex Laybourne’s newest novel and sequel in his Highway to Hell series, Trials and Tribulations. So sit back and relax, Richard’s the one in trouble.

Highway to Hell 2
Richard’s eyes sprang open. He awoke with a start, and sat bolt upright. His heart thundered in his chest, and his body was covered with sweat. The bed sheets were similarly moist. He looked around. The first thought that came to him was that he was back in the company of his torturous Lady in White. He stared at the door, and waited with dread for her to appear once more. Richard waited with his breath burning in his lungs, and when the door didn’t open, he looked around the room. Much to his surprise, he was home. It was his room; his bed, his posters on his wall. It was just as…

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