On My Travels Once More

Today I am appearing at the home of Sylv Jenkins, were I talk about (surprise surprise) horror, and how we should embrace every avenue of the genre.

2013-06-01 Highway to Hell

Horror is a genre that encompasses a great range of characters, from heroes to villain and all of those in between. From the standard monsters to the fantastical creations of the most twisted and sinister of minds, there are few genres that offers such a grand scope of character.

As a horror writer, I plan to explore as many of these avenues and interesting character streets as I can. Sure, my own unique point in horror will be my mainstay. The darker, deeper elements of horror, that don’t really boil down to a singular definition of the character or monster, but something grander. I want to make horror that not only shocks the reader, but changes them in some small way. I want it to leave a mark that will remain long after they close the pages. Yet, I will not forget the monsters of old, the classic images that have been before and served to make this genre so great.

It is my belief, and certainly my intention to write something; a novel no less about each of the core components of horror.


Click on this link to read the rest of what I have to say. You know you want to.


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